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Patricia: Hi Jason, my husband was burned very badly on the job, and we were thinking about filing a lawsuit. How would that work?

Jason: I’m sorry to hear that, Patricia, and I would be happy to help you understand the process. But first, can you tell me what happened?

Patricia: Well I don’t know all of the details except that there was a chemical spill at work – it wasn’t his fault. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jason: How severe are his burns?

Patricia: The doctor said he has third-degree burns on both his hands. He says he can’t feel anything. His arms are all wrapped up so I can’t see how bad his burns are.

Jason: Do you know if his company carries worker compensation?

Patricia: I’m not really sure, I mean, we’ve never been in a situation like this before.

Jason: Well seeking legal help is a good step in the right direction, Patricia. I can take a look at his case and get more answers from the company about the accident and workers comp.

Patricia: Does having workers comp make a difference? I just don’t know much about this stuff.

Jason: Patricia that’s okay. I’m here to help – and I welcome your questions. Workers comp is an insurance program that provides pay and medical benefits to employees with work-related injuries or illness. However, in the state of Texas, not all companies are required to carry it.

Patricia: So if his company does carry Workers Comp, can we still sue them, or no?

Jason: It depends on the circumstances of his case. If, for example, there was gross negligence or misconduct involved, workers comp would not protect the company from a lawsuit.

Patricia: And if the company doesn’t carry workers comp?

Jason: Then we would pursue a lawsuit against the company.

Patricia: Thank you for helping me understand all of this, Jason. I need to speak with my husband, and we will be in touch soon.

Jason: You’re welcome and feel free to call my personal cell if you have any other questions.

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