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Arturo: Hi Jason, my wife was in a car accident that wasn’t her fault. She wants to file a lawsuit, but when I had my accident it was really hard to get in touch with my lawyer. He never called me back! I’m just wondering if this is normal.

Jason:  Thank you for your question, Arturo and I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s accident. I’ve heard this complaint before about law firms, particularly some of the larger ones. But it is possible to find a lawyer who communicates with you.

Arturo: How do I know if the lawyer will call me back? I mean, the one we worked with on my case sounded really great when we first talked but then it would take days and sometimes weeks to hear back!

Jason:  I understand that must’ve been frustrating. I would definitely ask upfront about their communication policy before hiring anyone. But if you aren’t sure you believe what they are saying, you can always ask for a referral or read reviews on that law firm.

Arturo: Oh, I never thought about reading the reviews, that is a good idea. Are your reviews good, Jason?

Jason: Yes, we have a five-star rating on Google. Communication is important to us, and I give all my clients my personal cell phone number.

Arturo: That’s great. Why couldn’t my last lawyer do that?

Jason: It’s possible that your previous lawyer was in trial and unable to respond. Or maybe he didn’t have anything to report and so he didn’t call you. Different firms operate differently – but you should find one that you are comfortable with. I can take a look at your wife’s case if you’d like.

Arturo: Thank you, Jason. I would appreciate that.

Jason: You’re welcome, Arturo.

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