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Luis: I was in a bad accident with an 18-wheeler and the police say it was my fault, but it wasn’t. Can I still sue the trucking company for my injuries and wrecked car?

Jason: Hi Luis. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but if you believe that you were not at fault, then it would be wise to meet with a personal injury attorney to talk about your circumstances.

Luis: Really? So, I can sue the trucking company?

Jason: I can’t say with certainty that you can sue because I don’t know the details of the accident. But I have worked on many cases involving 18-wheelers and these accidents are complex. Sometimes things are missed during the initial investigation.

Luis: But if the police missed something, how can I prove it now? The accident happened last week so wouldn’t the proof be gone?

Jason: Not necessarily Luis. I frequently work with accident reconstruction specialists. They can do in-depth analysis of the accident even after the scene has been cleared.

Luis: How do they do that?

Jason: Well, they look at the data that the police have collected as well as things like vehicle damage, final rest positions of your car and that of the 18-wheeler, and black box information. They can work backwards from the accident to resolve speeds, visibility, severity of the collision and even driver behavior.

Luis: Wow, that’s amazing!

Jason: Yes, it’s a very scientific and detailed approach that could lead to new evidence suggesting you both played a role, or even relieve you of any fault for the accident.

Luis: But how much does this cost? I’m worried about money right now.

Jason: While I can’t speak for other attorneys, I can tell you that I don’t charge my clients anything upfront and that includes the cost of a reconstruction specialist. You owe me nothing unless I win your case.

Luis: Thank you Jason!
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