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The holidays are upon us. You may be planning to travel in the next few days, or already on the road and headed somewhere special. Either way, be careful.  Accidents happen all the time, and especially during the holidays. Today we’re sharing some crazy holiday car wrecks to remind you that while it may be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s one of the most dangerous times too.

Accident #1 – Bad Santa: Last Christmas in Chula Vista, California, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick was spotted crashing into multiple vehicles, then leaving the scene. He wasn’t in his sleigh, but rather a Subaru Crosstrek – and no reindeer were involved. The Bad Santa ditched his vehicle and took off on foot. But he lost parts of his holiday outfit and his wallet along the way. The police found his ID in the wallet, tracked him down, and arrested him.

Accident #2 – Holiday Light Show Gone Wrong: Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is a holiday tradition for many people. But sometimes things get out of hand. In a Los Angeles neighborhood, there was a beautiful light display taking place. People flocked to see it – some in cars and some on foot in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one man was so distracted by the lights that he drove his truck right into two parked vehicles. The vehicles then hit a group of people on foot admiring the lights. In total, 13 people were injured.

Accident #3 – The Swampy Stop to New Year’s Eve: Every year people are warned not to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. But some people get behind the wheel anyways. In Florida last year, a woman barely escaped a NYE accident alive. She was driving home in the wee hours of the morning when another car cut her off. She swerved to avoid the crazy driver and her car flipped five times. The woman ended up in a swampy ditch. With just four percent of her cell phone battery left she managed to call 911. It was dark and difficult to find her as the car sank deeper into the murky water, but first responders were able to locate and rescue her.

Hopefully your holidays will be filled with joy, peace, and precious memories. But as you head out, remember to take precautions and keep your eyes out for crazy holiday drivers. And if you do find yourself involved in an accident, get an accident report from the police, notify your insurance company, and seek help from an experienced injury attorney.

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