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Martina: Hi Jason. My sister got into a car accident. It wasn’t her fault, and we were just wondering what was going happen with the insurance.

Jason: Thanks for reaching out to me Martina. I hope that your sister is okay. Do you know if she exchanged numbers with the driver of the other vehicle?

Martina: Yes, she knew to exchange information with the lady who hit her.

Jason: Ok good. Then if the other driver has insurance and if her insurance company accepts that she was responsible for causing the accident, your sister will likely get a standard amount of money to repair her car.

Martina: That sounds like a lot of “ifs”. What if she doesn’t have insurance?

Jason:  By law, the other driver should at least carry liability insurance, but if she doesn’t, your sister could file a claim through her own insurance if she has collision coverage.

Martina:  Ok good. But if the lady does have insurance, you mean there is a chance her insurance company still won’t pay?

Jason: It’s a possibility. Most insurance companies take their time to investigate the accident. It could be weeks before they determine fault, damages, and how much they’ll pay.

Martina: So, what’s my sister supposed to do, just wait? She needs a car for work.

Jason: Waiting is an option. But keep in mind that if the insurance company does finally agree to pay, there’s still a chance your sister is offered less than what her accident is worth. She could also seek help from a personal injury attorney.

Martina:  How much would that cost? She’s already missed a few days of work because of this accident and I’m not sure she can afford an attorney.

Jason: Not all injury attorneys charge upfront fees. I don’t charge my clients anything unless I win their case.

Martina: Really? She wouldn’t have to pay you anything?

Jason:  Only if we win her case, and then my fees would come directly out of the settlement or award.

Martina: That’s great. Thank you, Jason!

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