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Roberto: Hi Jason. My son and his wife were in a car accident. She was injured pretty bad, and they filed a lawsuit. But it’s been weeks now since the accident and nothing is happening. Can you tell me how long it takes?

Jason:  Roberto, I’m sorry to hear about the accident and the injuries. But I’m glad they filed a lawsuit. To answer your question, it really depends on the details of the case.

Roberto:  What kind of details?

Jason: Well, to start, the case is filed by the attorney. Once this happens, both sides will go through what’s called the “discovery” process. Depending on the size and complexity of the case, discovery could be a short or a long process.

Roberto:  What is “discovery”?

Jason: This is when the attorneys start to gather evidence to prove their side of the case. This could include things like depositions, interrogations, and expert witness opinions. It’s unlikely that to have any settlement talks before this is completed.

Roberto: But why does it take them so long to get all this information?

Jason: That depends. What kind of vehicle was involved in the accident with your son and his wife?

Roberto: It was a big dually truck, belonged to some construction company, I think.

Jason: Then that could explain the delay. If the other vehicle was a commercial vehicle, then completing discovery generally takes longer. The insurance companies that cover commercial vehicles will fight hard to keep their costs to a minimum. They’re probably looking for ways right now to get out of paying the full and fair amount.

Roberto: So what is my son supposed to do in the meantime? His wife has a lot of medical bills, and she can’t work right now. I’m really worried about them.

Jason: Does your son’s lawyer know about this? For my clients, I work with the medical facilities and doctors to delay payment until the settlement negotiations are complete. That way they can continue to get the care they need even if they can’t afford to pay. I also help my clients cover their lost wages with money advances.

Roberto: Really? That’s great. It’s very stressful for them right now. I’m going to talk to my son about this. Thank you, Jason.

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