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Pepe: Hi Jason. I was in a car accident the other day. It wasn’t really a bad one, but now my back is hurting, and my doctor said I might have a spinal injury. Can I sue the driver of the car that hit me for this?

Jason: I’m sorry to hear about your back issues, Pepe. Based on what you’ve shared with me it sounds like you could have a case against the other driver, but I’d need more details to confirm this.

Pepe: The doctor said my injury was incomplete. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe it’s not bad enough for me to sue?

Jason: Not necessarily, Pepe. Complete or incomplete is the way that spinal injuries are categorized.

Pepe: So, what does it all mean then?

Jason: An incomplete spinal cord injury means that your back was injured, but you still have some sensory and motor function. With complete spinal cord injuries, the nerves below the point of injury can no longer communicate with your brain. This kind of injury generally leads to paralysis.

Pepe: Well, I can still move so I guess my injury isn’t that bad compared to some folks.

Jason: Pepe I am glad you have movement, but that doesn’t minimize what happened to you. Sometimes the severity of spinal cord injuries isn’t fully realized until 6 to 8 weeks later. Even if you don’t suffer from paralysis, your injury could lead to other serious health complications.

Pepe: Really, like what?

Jason: I’ve seen situations where accident victims with spinal injuries also suffered from chronic pain, depression, blood circulation issues, respiratory problems, and even had trouble controlling their bladders.

Pepe: So, do you think I can file a lawsuit for my injury? If so, what would I claim?

Jason: I’d say the first step is to setup a consultation with a lawyer. You can do this at no cost to you. Depending on the specifics of your case, some of the damages you may be able to seek include past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, home modifications if necessary, and lost wages.

Pepe: You say its free to meet with a lawyer, but what would it cost me to hire one for my case?

Jason: That depends on who you work with. I personally don’t charge my clients a dime unless I win their case.

Pepe: Thanks Jason!

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