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Veronica: Hi Jason, my son was playing with other kids in someone’s yard when a big tree branch came crashing down on him. He’s okay, but has several broken bones and a spinal injury. Can I sue for this?

Jason:  I’m very sorry to hear about your son’s injuries, Veronica. It may be possible for you to file a premises liability lawsuit in this situation, but I would need more information to give you a definitive answer.

Veronica: What kind of information do you need to know?

Jason: Well, in the state of Texas, if a tree or tree branches fall because of negligence, then the property owner could be held liable for any resulting damages. Since your son was out playing with other children, I assume there weren’t any high winds or heavy storms passing through at the time right?

Veronica: No, it was just out of nowhere that the branch fell down. He tried to get away when he heard the crackling but it all happened so fast.

Jason:  Then it sounds like the tree didn’t fall because of a natural causes. It could be negligence on the property owner’s part or even the tree maintenance company that services that property if they failed to identify the branch was dangerous. In fact, that is what happened to our Governor, Greg Abbott when he was in law school. A branch fell, paralyzing him from the waist down. He sued both the homeowner and the tree maintenance company.

Veronica: Oh wow, I didn’t realize that was how Governor Abbot became paralyzed.

Jason: How recently did this happen to your son, and do you know if the tree has been removed from the property yet?

Veronica: It happened last week. As far as I know it is still there.

Jason: Veronica, if it is still there, then we could examine the tree for evidence that it was not properly maintained. I would be happy to help you with this case, but we need to act quickly.

Veronica: Thank you Jason. How much would it cost to hire you for this?

Jason:  You pay me nothing. If we settle or win your case in court, then my fees would come out of that.

Veronica: And what would happen if we don’t win?

Jason: My win rate is 99%, but if for some reason we didn’t win, you still wouldn’t owe me a dime.

Veronica: Thank you, Jason. Let’s get started!

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