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Alejandra: Hi Jason, my daughter was crossing the street on her way home from school and she was hit by a car.  We want to sue the driver. How would that work?

Jason: Alejandra, first of all I am very sorry to hear that your daughter was struck by a vehicle. With cases involving pedestrians, the at-fault driver can be held responsible for paying medical expenses and damages so you could file a claim against the driver’s insurance company. You may also file a claim with your own auto insurance company.

Alejandra: Okay, is this something I can do directly with the insurance company? Or would I need to hire a lawyer?

Jason: My recommendation is to find a lawyer. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to pay as little as they can get away with. You can hire a personal injury lawyer with no money upfront and improve your chances of getting a fair settlement.

Alejandra:  That is good news. I don’t know much about insurance or how all of this works, but I do know that my daughter has a lot of medical bills. I am a single mom and I’ve had to take off of work to help her. It’s very difficult for us.

Jason:  I can look at your daughter’s case, Alejandra. We can fight for the full and fair compensation so that you and your daughter can focus on her recovery.

Alejandra:  That sounds good. What do I need to do next?

Jason: Let’s schedule a time to discuss the case in more detail. If the driver’s insurance company contacts you, do not share any details with them. Instead, refer them to me. Most insurance companies know me and my reputation – I fight to win.

Alejandra: Thank you, Jason!

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