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Angela: Hi Jason, last week on my way home my car was hit by this big F250 truck. I lost control of it and ended up hitting a concrete wall. My kids were in the car too and my son had some pretty bad injuries. We all had to go to the hospital.

My car got pretty messed up. It’s in the shop right now. I’m not even sure they’ll be able to fix it. I’m on my feet a lot at work and so I haven’t been able to go back yet.

I know the insurance company for the guy who hit me is supposed pay for some of this stuff. But they haven’t been real helpful and I’m kind of getting nervous that they don’t want to cover all the costs of this accident.

I was thinking maybe I should hire a lawyer. But I don’t have a lot of money right now. How much would it cost me to work with one?

Jason: That’s a great question Angela! Hiring a lawyer to help you negotiate with the insurance company is a good idea. The insurance company is going to try and get away with paying you as little as they can. I’ve seen this happen too many times – especially when they are working with someone who doesn’t have a lawyer.

As for the cost, it depends on who you work with. In general, personal injury attorneys get paid when you get paid. However, some firms will charge a flat rate fee to take on the case or ask you to pay for some of the court fees and costs upfront.

My firm does not charge you anything unless we win your case. We will not ask you for a dime upfront to work with you.

Angela: So, you take your fee out of the money I get from the insurance company? What happens if I don’t win anything? How would I pay you then?

Jason: You wouldn’t pay me anything. If I don’t win your case, I don’t charge you a dime.

Angela: So I can hire you to help me even if I don’t have any money to pay you right now. That’s great! But how much would I have to pay you once I get my money from the insurance company?

Jason:  That really depends on the circumstances of your case. Once you and I talk about the details of your case, I can give you more information about what to expect and how much it could cost. But I can assure you this – you won’t have to pay me anything out of pocket for help with your case.

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