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Veronica: Hi Jason, I was hit by a work truck the other day. Not an 18-wheeler, just a big pickup truck.  I have some injuries and was thinking about suing. Since the company owned the truck, how would this be different than if I were suing the driver of a personal vehicle?

Jason:  Thank you for your question, Veronica. I’m sorry to hear that you were injured in the accident. If a work truck was involved, you may be able to file a suit against the company that owns the vehicle.

Veronica: So I wouldn’t file a suit against the driver? I mean, if he was texting when he hit me, wouldn’t that be his own fault?

Jason: Accidents with company vehicles can be more complex. In many cases, companies are held responsible for their employees’ actions, including while driving a company vehicle. For example, if the company did not maintain the vehicle or failed to train the driver properly, then you could have a suit against the company.

Veronica: Do I need a special kind of lawyer if I want to try and sue the company?

Jason: You’d still want to find a personal injury lawyer; however, I would highly recommend working with one who has a successful track record of winning cases against company vehicles. These cases can get complicated and so you want to make sure you’re working with someone who has experience and can anticipate what all you’re up against.

 Veronica: What kinds of things are you up against?

Jason:  Companies and their insurance do not want to pay you any more than they have to, even if you deserve it. So they will use all kinds of deceptive tactics to reduce the amount. An experienced lawyer would be familiar with these tactics.

Veronica: How would I find out about their experience with cases involving company vehicles?

Jason:  Just ask them! If a lawyer has a successful track record, he or she should be happy to tell you about it. I’ve fought hard and won compensation for many of my clients in company vehicle accidents and I post the results on my firm webpage.

Veronica: Thank you, Jason. I didn’t realize all that was involved.

Jason: You’re welcome!

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