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Lucy: Hi Jason, I want to hire an attorney for my mom. She was in a car accident, and it was the fault of the other driver. I know we should do this soon, but I’m just so nervous about hiring the wrong person. How can I tell if I’ve found a good attorney?

Jason:  Hi Lucy, great question. First, I know it can feel scary making a big decision like this. Who you work does make a difference. And I’m happy to give you some tips on what to look for in a good attorney.

Lucy: Oh thank you, Jason! Please do.

Jason: To start, I would look at their character. Do you feel like the attorney is being honest? If you mom’s accident was minor, but the attorney promises a big payout, I’d question his or her integrity, especially if they are asking you for money upfront.

Lucy: So I shouldn’t have to pay anything if I hire them?

Jason: Experienced injury attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay anything until you get your settlement or jury award. My clients never pay a dime unless we win the case. I recommend that you look for an attorney who has experience in cases like your mom’s case and works on a contingency basis.

Lucy: I know I can ask about the fees, but how to I find out their level of experience?

Jason: You can ask about experience too during your initial consultation. I would ask about the number of years that the attorney has been practicing in this area of law. And I’d also ask about their results. For example, you can ask about their win/loss record, how much in damages have they recovered in settlements or verdicts, and how many court room trials have they won.

Lucy: Oh thank you Jason, I’ll be sure to do that.

Jason: I also recommend that you ask about communication. Some of the big law firms will bring their top attorneys in to meet with you, but if they think your case is “minor”, you’ll be handed off to someone else. This could be a junior attorney, paralegal, or an assistant. And even then, communication is scarce.

Lucy: That’s awful! What if we have a question about something urgent?

Jason: I would definitely ask if you’ll be able to communicate with the attorney directly. I’d also ask how long it will take to hear back if you have a question. Personally, I believe in direct communication with my clients, but not all attorneys take that approach.

Lucy: Thank you Jason. Is there anything else you think I should ask?

Jason: Yes, I would also confirm that the law firm you hire intends to keep the case.

Lucy: What do you mean by that?

Jason: A lot of the firms that you see advertising on TV will sign a case, then refer out to lawyers at another firm.

Lucy: Oh goodness! If we hire someone for my mom, we want to work with THAT lawyer. Thank you Jason for all this information.

Jason: You’re welcome, Lucy and best of luck!

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