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Rosa: Hi Jason, I was in a car accident with a guy driving a company vehicle, but he didn’t have insurance. Can I still sue him?

Jason: This is a great question, Rosa. If it has been determined that he was at fault for the accident, then yes, you have the right to seek compensation in this situation.

Rosa: But would I actually get paid if I win? I mean, if he doesn’t have insurance, it probably means he can’t afford it, right?

Jason: Yes, it’s very possible that he doesn’t have the money to personally compensate you. But there are other ways that you could pursue a claim.

Rosa: What do you mean?

Jason: Since he was driving a company vehicle, you may be able to seek compensation from the company he was driving for. Situations like this are definitely more complicated than a typical accident, but it’s still possible to recover damages.

Rosa: That’s good to know. It doesn’t seem fair that I have to pay for this when it wasn’t my fault.

Jason: I agree, Rosa. My advice to you is to find a lawyer to represent you. Like I said, you could pursue a claim against the company, but I wouldn’t advise doing this on your own. You really need an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of company vehicle regulations.

Rosa: But how do I find a lawyer who works on cases like this?

Jason: You could ask for a referral or search for personal injury attorneys on the internet. And be sure to schedule a consultation and ask questions before agreeing to work with an attorney.

Rosa: How much would this cost me? I mean, it seems like the kind of case where there’s no guarantee I’ll get anything out of it. I’d hate to owe the lawyer money on top of all my other expenses.

Jason: Rosa, you should find a lawyer who doesn’t ask for any money upfront from you. I’ve worked on many cases involving company vehicles. Several recent ones have resulted in settlements of over $1 million. But I never ask my clients for a dime unless we win the case.

Rosa: That is good to know. Thank you for your help, Jason!

Jason: You’re welcome.

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