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How do I find the right attorney for my personal injury case?

Jorge: Hi Jason. I got in an accident and need to find an attorney. I want to make sure I have a good one. Do you have any advice on how to find the right one?

Jason:  Hi Jorge, this is a great question! I’m sure you want to find someone who you know will fight for you, right?

Jorge: Yes. I need to win my case. I’ve been out of work, and I have a lot of bills thanks to this accident.

Jason: I’m sure that’s been difficult. First, let me walk you through what should happen when you meet with a possible attorney.

Jorge: Ok

Jason: When you have that initial consultation, the attorney will probably ask you a lot of questions about the accident and about your injuries. But you have the right to ask him or her questions too.

Jorge: What should I ask?

Jason: Well, I’d start by asking about his or her experience working with cases like yours. I’d also ask about the attorney’s track record in winning these cases. You want to make sure that the person you hire has experience and success in this area of law.

Jorge: Oh, that’s a good idea.

Jason: I’d also ask about trial experience. Many cases are settled out of court, but there is no guarantee that yours will be settled. So, you want to make sure that the attorney you hire also has trial experience.

Jorge: Thanks Jason. I’m going to make a list of these questions to take with me.

Jason: That’s great Jorge! I’d add one more to your list. Be sure to ask any attorneys you meet with about what they charge to represent you. Some lawyers will charge you a fee upfront for their services, and some don’t.

Jorge: What do you mean? That I might have to pay when I go talk to this lawyer?

Jason: It’s possible. I suggest that you ask about this when you set up the appointment, so you aren’t caught by surprise. If the attorney does charge you a fee, keep in mind that there are attorneys who work on a contingency basis. My firm, for example, provides free consultations and we never charge you a dime unless we win your case.

Jorge:  Thank you Jason. I appreciate you telling me that.

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