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Antonio: Jason, my granddaughter Maria goes to college in San Antonio. Last week she and her friends used Uber to get them home from a concert. But the driver had an accident and now she’s in the hospital. Can we sue Uber for this accident?

Jason: Antonio, I’m very sorry to hear about your granddaughter’s accident, but I am glad you reached out to me about this. Uber and other rideshare companies are notorious for trying to get out of legal responsibility for accidents.

Antonio: I’d believe it. My daughter says they keep texting and harassing Maria about the accident. She can’t talk to them right now. But they said that if she doesn’t respond, they’re going to assume she’s not injured!

Jason: Your daughter and granddaughter are doing the right thing by not responding. By talking to the other side, it’s possible they could say something that hurts the case without realizing it. Have they contacted a lawyer yet?

Antonio: No, we weren’t sure if it was worth it. I mean, Uber drivers aren’t really employees, they just do contract work. We didn’t know if there would even be a case.

Jason:  Rideshare companies like Uber like to say that their only role is to connect their drivers with people needing rides and that they aren’t responsible for their drivers’ actions.

Antonio:  But don’t they have a responsibility to hire safe drivers? I mean, it’s their reputation at stake, right?

Jason: I agree Antonio, and its more than just their reputation at stake. People in situations similar to your granddaughter have fought and won cases against Uber. But if they do decide to sue, they will have to prove Uber’s liability.

Antonio: How do they do that?

Jason: They should contact an attorney as soon as possible and keep ignoring the calls. An experienced attorney can handle the conversation with Uber.

Antonio: I told her I’d help her with the cost if she wanted to hire an attorney.

Jason:  Antonio, you don’t have to come up with any money upfront. You can find attorneys who will take the case without charging you any fees. I don’t take a dime from my clients unless we win their case.

Antonio: Oh, that’s good news! Thank you, Jason, I’m going to call my daughter now.

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