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Javier: Hi Jason, I was in an accident and the other guy admitted fault to his insurance company, so why would I need a lawyer?

Jason: This is a great question, Javier. It’s common for people to assume that insurance will cover their expenses after an accident, but what they don’t realize is that  insurance companies will typically try and pay as little as possible to resolve the case.

Javier: You mean that I should get more than what they are offering?

Jason: I can’t speak specifically to your situation without knowing more of the details, Javier, but I can tell you from experience that people who lack legal representation generally get lower settlements from the insurance companies.

Javier: But why?

Jason: Insurance is a business, and the objective of these companies is to generate money, not lose it. It’s in their best interest to lowball you – especially if there’s no risk of legal recourse. However, when you hire a lawyer, and particularly one with a strong reputation, you are sending a message to the insurer that you want the full and fair compensation for your accident.

Javier: So if I hire a lawyer, the insurance company will pay me more?

Jason: There’s no guarantee the insurance company will offer you what you deserve, but even if they don’t, an experienced lawyer would have the knowledge and resources to fight for a better offer.

Javier: But with all the expenses from this accident, I don’t have any extra money to hire a lawyer right now.

Jason: Javier, I can take a look at your case for no money upfront. You only pay me if you get paid – and I will fight for every dollar that you deserve for your accident. The insurance companies know my reputation – and they know that I fight to win.

Javier: Thank you, Jason.

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