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Jesus: Hi Jason, I got in an accident with a guy driving a truck and his company’s insurance already offered me a settlement. Why do I need to talk to a lawyer?

Jason: Thanks for your question, Jesus. So based on what you’ve shared it sounds like the accident wasn’t your fault and that the other driver was in a company vehicle. Is that correct?

Jesus: Yes, he was driving a dually truck. Smashed up my car pretty bad. I got some injuries and can’t even work right now. So I’d like to take this money so I can pay my medical bills and other stuff. But my cousin said I should hold off and talk to a lawyer first.

Jason: I’m glad to hear you haven’t accepted the offer yet, Jesus. Your cousin is right, it is a very good idea to meet with a lawyer before you agree to anything.

Jesus: But why? The guy at the insurance seemed really nice and I could really use the money.

 Jason: Exactly. He knows you need the money and so it’s very possible that he’s tempting you with less than your case is worth so he can settle fast and save his company money.

Jesus: But I need to pay my bills. If I hire a lawyer, who knows how long it will take. Besides, it seemed fair enough to me. They offered to pay for my car to get fixed and to cover my medical bills.

Jason: That’s a start. But did they agree to cover lost wages for the time you’re out of work? Or what about future medical expenses related to your injuries?

Jesus: I haven’t thought about all of that. I guess right now I’m worried about making it until tomorrow.

Jason:  I understand that you’re stressed about money right now, Jesus. I’ve had many clients in similar situations and my firm advances them money while their cases are pending.

Jesus: Really?

Jason: Yes. I don’t want my clients to be taken advantage of just because they are struggling financially. It can be tempting to accept an offer from the insurance company and get paid fast, but once you sign that paperwork, you can’t go back and ask for more.

Jesus: Thanks Jason. I’m glad I asked before signing anything!

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