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Lupita: Hi Jason. I recently saw that this family in Corpus won millions of dollars for a drunk driving lawsuit. Do they actually get all that money? I mean, it’s not like the drunk guy had millions in the bank.

Jason:  This is a great question, Lupita. Typically with personal injury claims like drunk driving, it is the driver’s insurance company that pays the claim. And in some cases, like the recent one I believe you are referring to in Corpus Christi, a bar or restaurant may be held liable too if there is sufficient evidence that it continued to serve the driver alcohol when it should have cut him off.

Lupita: Oh, so if someone wins all that money, it’s a business like the insurance company who pays. So they do actually get all that money!

Jason: Yes, and no.

Lupita: What do you mean?

Jason: Depending on the extent of the damages, a plaintiff could walk away with a substantial amount of money. But there are fees extracted from the final settlement or award that must be paid as well.

Lupita: What kind of fees?

Jason: Well, for example, with my cases, if a client has injuries, I’ll negotiate with doctors and hospitals to accept payment once a settlement is reached. That way my clients get the medical attention they need immediately without having to worry about how to pay for it.

Lupita: Oh, I see. That only seems fair.  Is there anything else?

Jason: Legal fees and costs are also deducted from the settlement.

Lupita: What kind of legal fees and costs?

Jason: Well, for example, I don’t charge my clients a dime unless we win the case. But in the meantime, my firm pays the court fees, cost of expert witnesses when needed, etc. out of pocket. If we win the case, these costs are taken out of the settlement along with my fees for representation.

Lupita: Okay, that makes sense. So you don’t charge anything at all?

Jason:  I do not. My clients only pay if we win. Otherwise they owe me nothing.

Lupita: Thanks Jason!

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