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Alejandro: Hi Jason, I was out walking with my grandson the other night and someone’s dog got out and bit me. It was a pretty bad bite and I’m just wondering if that’s something I can sue for.

Jason: Sorry to hear that, Alejandro. It may be possible for you to file charges, but it depends on a few factors. Texas doesn’t have a civil statute that specifically covers a dog owner’s liability for damages, however, there was a Texas Supreme Court ruling that we follow a “one bite rule” here.

Alejandro: What is a one bite rule? Does that mean the dog gets to bite me one time with no consequences?

Jason: No, it doesn’t mean the dog and its owner get a “free pass” for biting you, however, you must be able to prove that the owner was negligent, which can be done. We recently settled a dog attack against a child case for 300k, and another case where a dog escaped a garage for 300K – and we have several more.

Alejandro: Well in my case the dog dug out from the fence – and it wasn’t the first time. I heard it went after some kids riding bikes a few weeks ago. Luckily the kids were okay – it just ripped one of their t-shirts. But the owner should have done something about it then.

Jason:  Alejandro, I am glad that you know of a previous incident because that is the kind of information you’ll need if you want to pursue damages.

Alejandro: What do you mean?

Jason: Based on what you’ve shared, the dog has acted aggressively in the past. If the owner knew about this and failed to repair the fence or use reasonable care to control the dog, then that is negligence, and you could pursue damages.

Alejandro: So how would I go about it? I don’t even know where to start. All I know is this dog bite has caused me a lot of expense. I’ve got medical bills and I use my hands for work – so I can’t really work right now until it heals up.

Jason:  I can take a look at your case, Alejandro and if we work together there’s no charge to you unless we win.

Alejandro: You mean I don’t have to pay you anything up front?

Jason:  No money upfront. My clients don’t pay me a dime unless we win.

Alejandro: Thank you, Jason!

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