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Juana: Hi Jason. I’ve been reading your column and sometimes you say that I wouldn’t have to pay anything to meet with you. Is that normal for lawyers? And if so, why don’t you charge anything?

Jason: Thanks for your question, Juana. You are correct, I don’t charge my clients a dime unless we win the case. And I never charge for an initial consultation. Some personal injury lawyers will charge, but most reputable attorneys do not charge for a consultation.

Juana: I’m glad that its free, but why don’t you lawyers charge anything?

Jason: I work on what’s called a contingency basis with my clients. If we win, any fees and expenses are deducted from the settlement or jury award.

Juana: So you aren’t worried that you’ll lose and that my case ends up of costing you?

Jason: Not really. During our initial consultation, I would evaluate the details of your situation to determine if you have a solid case. And if you do, then I would fight for you regardless of the outcome.

Juana: But what if I have bills to pay before we get any money? I’ve been to the doctor several times already. I have insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything.

Jason: I work with the hospitals and physicians to negotiate payment once the case is settled. So you can continue to receive the care you need without worrying about the money. If for some reason the medical facility doesn’t agree to this arrangement, I front my clients the money.

Juana: Really? That’s really kind of you Jason. But what about all the other expenses like court fees and expert witnesses?

Jason: I pay these fees out of pocket. If we win, they are deducted from the award or settlement. If not, then you don’t owe me anything for them.

Juana: So it really wouldn’t cost me anything at all to work with you on my case?

Jason: That’s correct, Juana.

Juana: Thank you so much!

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