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Yolanda: Jason, a friend of mine filed a lawsuit after her accident and was able to settle the case outside of court. But it looks like my sister’s case might go to trial. Why is that?

Jason: Hi Yolanda. It’s difficult to say for sure without knowing the details of these cases. But I can say that it’s important her attorney prepare the case as if it would go to trial – even if it never does.

Yolanda: Why is that?

Jason: Well, if you can’t come to an agreement outside of the courtroom, it means you probably have a fight on your hands with the other side. Your attorney needs to have the evidence and testimonies from witnesses prepared to prove the case.

Yolanda: Is there anything she can do to avoid going to court?

Jason:  It’s hard to say. If her attorney is a strong negotiator and there’s enough evidence to support her claim, then it’s possible. However, it could also depend on the other side’s willingness to reach an agreement. Each case is unique.

Yolanda: She’s scared of having to go to court.

Jason:  That’s understandable, especially if she’s never had to do something like that before. But nothing bad will happen to her if she does go to court. With a good lawyer on her side to coach her on how to the courtroom procedures, she’ll be fine.

Yolanda: Thanks Jason, I’ll make sure to tell her that. But I still hope she’s able to settle.

Jason: Depending on the circumstances, it’s still possible to settle.  Hopefully she’s working with an aggressive attorney who knows how to fight in or out of the courtroom. My firm works tirelessly for our clients. We’ve won thousands of cases with over $19,325,000 in verdicts and we don’t charge our clients a dime unless we win.

DeSouza Law firm is a leading personal injury firm representing accident victims throughout Texas.

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