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Jaime: Hi Jason, why does it seem like people who are in accidents with an 18-wheeler get so much more money than people in an accident with another car?

Jason:  Thanks for your question, Jaime. While each case is different, you are right in your observation that there tend to be higher settlements with trucking accidents.

Jaime: Yes, and it doesn’t seem fair.

Jason: Well, the sad truth is that these cases often have high claims because they result in life-changing injuries or death. It’s more about how hard of a hit you take than what type of vehicle it is.

Jaime: Oh, I see. So because 18-wheelers are bigger they can cause more damage?

Jason: Yes, and in many cases they do. Sadly, many victims of these kinds of accidents will never lead normal lives again, and that’s if they survive.

Jaime: Oh that’s terrible.

Jason: The company that owns the truck also comes under scrutiny in these kinds of accidents, which can impact the amount of the settlement.

Jaime: Why is that?

Jason: Because the company could be at fault. For example, if the accident was caused by a mechanical failure, it’s the fault of the company for not maintaining its fleet.

Jaime: Oh, I see. But what if the driver was texting or fell asleep or something? Wouldn’t that be his fault and not the company’s?

Jason: Not necessarily. If the trucker wasn’t properly trained or if he was driving too many hours because of pressure to make a delivery, that’s on the company too.

Jaime: But it seems like it would be pretty hard to go up against a big company.

Jason: Many companies retain insurance firms with big resources to protect them from lawsuits. They fight hard to pay as little as necessary regardless of how it impacts the victims.

Jaime: That’s really sad, Jason.

Jason: Yes, and that’s why it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to go up against these companies. I fight hard for my clients to get them the compensation that they deserve.

Jaime: I saw on your website that you recently got someone over a million-dollar settlement for an 18-wheeler accident.

Jason: Yes, I did. I’ve had a number of clients who have received settlements of over a million dollars.

Jaime: Well I know who I’m coming to if ever I get in an accident. Thank you, Jason.

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