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Maria: Hi Jason, I’ve been seeing more of those self-driving cars these days. I still don’t trust them. If one hits me, who is responsible for the accident?

Jason:  Great question, Maria! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 400 crashed this past year that were caused by or related to these types of vehicles, so it is possible to be involved in an accident with one.

Maria: I knew it! But is the driver at fault? I mean, even if he’s not driving, the car still belongs to him, right?

Jason: Well, it depends. These vehicles have been legal to operate in Texas since 2017, but laws that govern them are still being developed. For now, in general, it is considered the vehicle manufacturer’s fault if the car malfunctions.

Maria: So if I were hit by one, I’d sue the maker of it?

Jason: Most likely, yes. But there have also been cases where the software company that created the programming was found responsible and sued.

Maria: Oh that’s interesting.

Jason: Yes, and there have also been cases where defective hardware was to blame and so then the question is, should the manufacturer or entity that approved the vehicle’s use be sued?

Maria: But it sounds like whoever is at fault, it’s not the driver, right?

Jason: Well, if it’s found that the vehicle’s owner has not properly maintained the vehicle, then he or she could also be held responsible.

Maria: So how would I even know where to start if I got in accident with one of these cars?

Jason: I would highly recommend contacting an injury attorney as quickly as possible if you’re involved in an accident with a self-driving vehicle. An experienced attorney can help you determine fault and even bring in experts if needed.

Maria: But wouldn’t that get expensive?

Jason: You can find lawyers who won’t charge you anything up front. My clients don’t owe me a dime unless I win their case.

Maria: Even if you bring in experts? I’m sure they charge either way.

Jason: Correct. You only pay if you win a settlement or reward.

Maria: Thank you, Jason!

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