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HB 19, which protects the trucking industry at the expense of Texas drivers passed the State House. It’s now up to the state senate. Senate Bill 207 ties physical compensation to physical rates that are set by the government. The heavy costs are passed along to Texans rather than the trucking companies, which could result in skyrocketing medical insurance rates.

Proponents of the bill (usually trucking companies or groups sponsored by them) argue that trucking companies are being sued more than ever, and that these laws would help protect them. The problem with this is that Texas has seen almost a 30% increase in trucking accidents.

While the bill has support from big name trucking companies, Texas drivers are feeling more at risk on the road. Imagine you’re out driving and minding your own business when suddenly, the unthinkable happens. CRASH. In an instant, an 18-wheeler comes from nowhere and smashes right into your car at 20 miles above the speed limit. Your car, health, and even your life is put in immediate peril. This sounds like a nightmare, but it’s a reality for far too many, including one Texas man who was awarded a settlement of $23.5 million.

This amount was the largest legal settlement in recent years, after a commercial semi-truck crashed into his vehicle head on, leaving him in critical condition. Despite his injuries and setbacks, this man was fortunate enough to survive this his life-changing tragedy. And the $23.5 million was the largest settlement ever paid by the company at fault in its 67-year history. But if this bill passes the senate, settlements like this could be a thing of the past.

On top of this direct attack against Texans who count of their roads being safe, the bill would block relevant questions about the responsibility of the trucking company from even being considered. Questions such as: How are the drivers being supervised/trained? Or How well are the vehicles being maintained? Or even Does the trucking company have a history or record that points to irresponsible safety practices?

If it passes the senate, this new legislation is slated to go into effect on September 1, 2021. To read more about this bill or sign the petition to oppose it visit the website

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