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Late last month, a woman driving a Mercedes stalled in one of the lanes of the Katy Freeway. It was a Sunday morning around 9 am, and she was headed west on I-10 near Dairy Ashford Rd. According to reports, the woman must have been there for some time as other drivers called the police about the stalled vehicle. But before anyone could help her, an 18-wheeler crashed into the back of her car, pushing it 30 to 40 yards.

The damage was so severe that it took nearly 7 hours to remove the wreckage from the highway. The driver of the 18-wheeler walked away from the injury and cooperated with authorities in their investigation. But the woman in the Mercedes was not as fortunate. Her injuries were severe, and she was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. At last report, she was expected to survive, but that does not mean her life will return to normal anytime soon. She could have years of recovery ahead of her.

Granted, her vehicle was stalled in the middle of the highway, but could this accident have been prevented? Probably so. According to the Vehicular Crimes Division Chief in Harris County, Sean Teare, there are many questions to answer. He said that it appeared that the woman was stalled for some time on the highway. Her vehicle should have been in the line of sight of the 18-wheeler for at least a mile. Yet, there was no indication that the driver of the 18-wheeler put on his brakes.

He agreed to a blood test for drugs and alcohol. And authorities will also examine cell phone activity. According to Chief Teare, cell phone usage is involved in many of the cases where the driver tests negative for drugs or alcohol. If the vehicular crimes division does find that the truck driver was intoxicated, on his phone, or involved in some other distraction, he could be charged with reckless aggravated assault.

But regardless of whether Harris County decides to charge the driver with anything, the woman can still pursue legal action on her own in a civil court of law against the driver and the company he works for. In today’s climate, many truck drivers are under tremendous pressure to make their destinations on time. However, it is still the responsibility of these drivers and their employers to take the necessary precautions to keep the roads safe.

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