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In the early morning hours of February 11, frigid temperatures and icy roads on Interstate 35 West in Fort Worth led to the tragic accident that’s making news around the world.

A winter storm brought frigid temperatures and precipitation to the area causing a portion of I-35 West to be coated with a thin layer of ice. Drivers, unaware of the conditions, ventured out to begin their day. Sadly, six of them passed away that day.

While there are no confirmed reports as to exactly how the accident began, video footage shows a FedEx 18-wheeler unable to stop on an icy downhill slope and crashing into the already developed pileup. This crash caused a chain reaction totaling at least 135 vehicles crashing, flipping, and becoming wedged under 18-wheelers and pickup trucks leaving some motorist stranded in the freezing conditions for hours.

Many survivors of this tragedy recall terrifying moments of the accident and feel lucky to be alive. Among them, David Trotter of Keller. The pileup left his truck wedged between several vehicles. He watched helplessly as the FedEx truck approached his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Bracing for impact felt like an eternity to him. Thankfully, the truck narrowly missed his vehicle and came to rest within two feet from where he was pinned in his truck. Another survivor recalls being pinned in her vehicle and being hit 4-5 times from behind as the pileup continued. Luckily, neither of these victims were seriously injured.

First responders had a difficult time freeing many of the motorists due to the road conditions and massive amounts of vehicles involved in the crash. The crash site stretched for 1 ½ miles and closed all northbound lanes of I35W.

In total 36 people were transported to area hospitals and trauma centers and 65 sought medical treatment for their injuries after the crash. Several of these people included first responders and healthcare workers heading into work that fateful morning.

While no one could have predicted this kind of massive pile up, it’s a good reminder to always be aware of treacherous driving conditions, especially during winter storms. Accidents can happen at any given moment and when you least expect it, even under normal driving conditions.

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