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It was October 2017 and Robert Pressell had just purchased a brand-new Chevy Traverse. He was traveling down an old country road in Duval County with friends when tragedy struck. An unexpected accident would change his life forever. Robert survived that day, but the road to recovery has been an uphill battle riddled with medical expenses, loss of work, and the inability to do the things he loves the most – like riding his motorcycle.

“I’ll never be the same again,” said Robert as he recalled the day of the accident. He was riding in the backseat of his new Traverse and a family friend was driving. As they rounded the curb of the country road, they suddenly came upon nine head of cattle that were loose. The vehicle couldn’t stop in time to avoid the cattle and ended up striking one of the animals.

The impact not only damaged Robert’s new car, it left all three men injured. Robert took the brunt of the whiplash. He suffered from injured disks in his neck and spinal cord damage. Without surgery the doctors told him that he could either end up paralyzed for life or even dead. Besides the spinal surgery, Robert also had another surgery for a hernia caused from seatbelt pressure during the crash.

His medical team recommended a third surgery to help his healing, but Robert just couldn’t take anymore. His medical bills added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And because of his injuries he wasn’t able to continue his work as an oil production specialist.

“It ruined my life for several years,” he said. “I’m finally to a point where I am starting to do the things I used to do. I’ve taken my motorcycle out again, but only for short periods of time. And I am ready to look for work again.”

It’s been a tough road for Robert, but he was able to make it through the last few years and pay his bills because of a settlement with the rancher and his insurance company.

“Before my accident that rancher had about 30 to 40 loose cattle calls on him already. I even personally told the man to put his cattle up,” Robert said. “It was gross negligence.”

After the accident happened, Robert reached out to personal injury attorney Jason DeSouza for help. He had met Jason years ago when he was involved in a previous accident.

“At that time, I contacted a big law firm in the area to help me with my case. That’s where I met Jason and he seemed to really care about helping me,” he said. “So, when this accident happened, Jason immediately came to mind, and I tracked him down.”

The rancher’s insurance company fought against paying Robert, but Jason fought harder. And the night before their court date, the rancher and his insurance company agreed to settle the case.

“Jason is aggressive, and he fights to get the best outcome for his clients,” said Robert.  I enjoyed working with him again. I hope I never get in another accident, but if I do, he’s the guy I’ll call.”

DeSouza Law Firm is a leading personal injury firm representing accident victims throughout Texas.

If you’ve been injured by a car, truck, 18-wheeler, company vehicle, or in the oilfield, call DeSouza Injury Lawyers today at 361-799-2222 or visit the firm online at

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