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Dolores: Hi Jason, my daughter was riding with her boyfriend on his motorcycle, and they had an accident. She was wearing a helmet and survived, but she is still in the hospital, and we don’t even know if she’ll ever be able to walk again. Can we sue for this?

Jason:  Dolores, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your daughter’s injuries. Based on what you are telling me, yes, it sounds like she could have a personal injury case.

Dolores: But what if the accident was her boyfriend’s fault? They are still investigating, but it sounds like he was weaving in and out of cars and lost control.

Jason: If it is determined that he was at fault, then yes, you can pursue a claim against him. Were there any other vehicles involved?

Dolores: Yes, there was a truck involved too. It all happened so fast, but from what I’m hearing so far, it sounds like it was her boyfriend’s fault. Would we still be able to sue if it was the fault of the truck?

Jason:  Yes, either way your daughter was a victim. Motorcycle passengers have the same rights as passengers of any other type of vehicle.

Dolores: I’m glad to hear that, Jason. We are very worried about her for the future. Right now we know she has a concussion and some spinal injuries. But we don’t know how bad they are. What if she never walks again? It could be hard to find a job. And all of these medical bills…

Jason: I can take a look at her case. Let’s setup a time to meet. I will fight for your daughter to get every dime she deserves, Dolores.

Dolores: I heard you don’t charge any money upfront. Is that true?

Jason: You don’t have to pay me anything to represent your daughter. You only pay if we get a settlement or jury award – and then the fees will be deducted from that amount.

Dolores: Thank you Jason!

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