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It was Saturday afternoon in October of 2018. I-35 just north of Cotulla was experiencing a high amount of traffic that day. This traffic caused a freightliner to slow down. Unfortunately, when the large truck began to brake, the Dodge cargo van behind it was unable to slow its speed too – and it slammed into the back of the 18-wheeler. One driver survived, one did not…

South Texas has seen tremendous change in the last decade thanks to Eagle Ford Shale. While the oil and gas industry did provide a boost to the local economy, it may have come at a price.

The roads around Cotulla are not well-equipped for large oil and gas tankers and trucks. And sadly, some of them are exempt from the federal laws that restrict the number of hours truckers can drive each day. This can be very dangerous for other motorists, like 34-year-old Jose Enrique Rodriguez of Brownsville, who lost his life in that October collision.

Yes, it was his vehicle that collided into the back of the freightliner that day. But why? Was Jose distracted? Or, did the driver of the semi-truck slam on his brakes so suddenly that Jose didn’t have enough time to react? If this 18-wheeler obstructed his view, he may not have been aware of the traffic ahead until it was too late.

However, in cases like these, there is a way to find out. In today’s vehicles, there is the equivalent of a “black box.”  In airplane accidents, you often hear about the black box and how experts use its data to determine the cause of the crash. You can do the same with automobiles.

If the driver of the 18-wheeler braked suddenly, the information inside the vehicle could provide the evidence needed to determine fault – for those who know how to access it.

The trucking industry’s insurance companies don’t want you to know about this information, and they’ll do anything they can to hide it. If you are in an accident with one of these trucks, you need an aggressive lawyer on your side – one who knows about this information and isn’t afraid to fight the insurance companies to get it.

You see, even if you sue the individual who caused your accident, there is an insurance company involved. By law, attorneys cannot refer to the insurance company before a jury. But they are there, behind the scenes, working to undervalue your case.

They will do or say anything to get out of paying you what you deserve.

Jason DeSouza isn’t afraid to confront these insurance companies. And he has a team of experts working with him to uncover the facts of your case. He will fight to help you get the maximum compensation for your injury. And you pay nothing unless he wins your case.

DeSouza Law Firm is a leading personal injury firm representing accident victims throughout Texas.

If you’ve been injured by a car, truck, 18 wheeler, company vehicle, or in the oilfield, call DeSouza Injury Lawyers today at 361-799-2222.

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