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The Port of Brownsville is a hub of activity – and if you live around Brownsville, odds are good that you are connected to it. As one of the largest ports in the country, it’s responsible for over 44,000 jobs, including jobs in the trucking industry.

In fact, over 90,000 truck movements occur in the Port annually. While this is good for business, it can be dangerous for drivers sharing the roads with these truckers.

Rural roads, dangerous intersections, and large trucks traveling to and from the Port are a recipe for disaster.

In August of 2019, a 75-year-old woman was killed in an accident at the intersection of F.M. 106 and Centerline with a Kenworth tractor-trailer. The accident happened around 9 am that Thursday morning.

She was the passenger in a red Chevrolet Sonic. For unknown reasons, the car she was riding in veered into the lane of the semi-truck. Firefighters arrived on the scene and used an extraction tool to cut out the door of the car to get to her, but sadly it was too late. The collision caused major injuries and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Was the driver of the vehicle she was riding in responsible? Or could the driver of the semi-truck have done something to prevent the death of this widow, mother, and grandmother?

From all of the descriptions of this accident, it’s a likely assumption that the driver of the Chevrolet is at fault. But there could be more to the story…

The truth could be inside one (or both) of the vehicles’ black boxes, but unless a court case is filed on her behalf, the details of the case may never be known.  According to injury attorney, Jason DeSouza:

“Trucking companies will try every tactic to delay you from downloading their black box. Inside that ‘event data recorder,’ you’ll find key clues like what the driver of the 18 wheeler was doing in the 5 seconds leading up to the wreck; how he turned his steering wheel; and even how much pressure he applied to his brakes.  It’s critically important to hire an injury lawyer immediately to get these downloads from the trucking company before they destroy them.”

The trucking industry’s insurance reps are crafty – and they will try to convince you it’s not their fault or persuade you to settle – on their terms.

They may even tell you that lawyers are too expensive. This is a lie. Injury attorneys like Jason DeSouza work on a contingency fee.

This means that he will fight to get you full compensation for your injury only charge you if he wins your case.  Their insurance may say that you can’t afford to talk to a lawyer, but the truth is how can you afford not to?  You deserve to be compensated for your injury.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a company truck or vehicle, injury attorney Jason DeSouza can help. And he charges no fees to you unless he wins your case.

DeSouza Law Firm is a leading personal injury firm representing accident victims throughout Texas.

If you’ve been injured by a car, truck, 18 wheeler, company vehicle, or in the oilfield, call DeSouza Injury Lawyers today at 361-799-2222.

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