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Adam studied biochemistry at UTEP and received a bachelor’s of science degree. Afterward, Adam attended the University of Minnesota Law School.  Upon graduating law school, he moved back to El Paso where he took on all kinds of cases (employment, guardianship, criminal defense, civil rights, etc.).  Eventually, he made it to the District Attorney’s Office and started working as a prosecutor for the State of Texas.  Adam went to the DA’s office with one objective which was to get as much trial experience as possible. While he was there, he had the opportunity to learn from some of the best trial attorneys in the state and immersed himself in learning and applying trial skills.

Adam knew defending innocent people was what he wanted to do, so he transitioned back to private practice where he worked on civil and criminal defense cases (state and federal). During that short period of time, he won a whole bunch of criminal cases and then made the decision to get out of El Paso and get to work in the big leagues.

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